Thinking about university

96% of graduates at the University of Wolverhampton find work

Thinking about university

If you have a particular career in mind, then you might have to take a certain route. For instance, to be a doctor you will have to go to university. However, often there are different routes into the same job - through learning, on-the-job or in the classroom. If you're not sure which job you're aiming for yet, you could take a broad-based subject and specialise later. To find out more information and help to decide contact us.

University isn't the only option, there are also other possibilities that will allow you to gain valuable on-the-job experience and work towards a qualification at the same time. Connexions Wolverhampton has a large amount of information about what’s available.

Find out more about your choices with Connexions or contact us directly via the Connexions website.

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